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AI, Machine Learning and Analytics

Data is your most valuable asset – our analytics practice helps you realize its full potential. We develop frameworks that help you navigate the complexities of
statistics, AI, predictive modeling and machine learning, keeping you at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.


Analytics Data Pipeline

Complete Transformation

GAP operates at the intersection of software development and data science. While analytics projects are typically carried out by data
scientists, the performance, efficiency, and accuracy of the resulting software function is improved exponentially by GAP’s inclusion of software engineering in the development process. This multi‑disciplinary collaboration is what makes GAP different, and consistently yields results surpassing client expectations.

Sergio Morales

Global Analytics Technology Strategist

Sergio Morales Esquivel is the Global Analytics Technology Strategist at Growth Acceleration Partners, and a professor at the analytics post-graduate program at Cenfotec University. Sergio leads the Data Analytics Center of Excellence at GAP, where he directs efforts to design and implement solutions to complex data-related problems. Sergio holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science from Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

“GAP is a collaborative partner with Amadeus Hospitality. Their teams have integrated well within our culture and technical environment. We appreciate them delivering on time and on budget, and are impressed by how well they work together, as well as the new and
innovative approaches they easily embrace.”

Tim Beaulieu,
VP of Engineering,
Amadeus Hospitality

“GAP has gone above and beyond throughout this entire process. Anytime we’ve needed them to partner with us – they’ve stepped up. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with GAP. They’re highly professional. They’re led by a wonderful leadership team and they are very invested in the outcome of our product.”

Karen Gordon - CEO, 5 Dynamics

“GAP is an extension of our company. They are part of our organization in the way they conduct business, always focused on culture and continuous development. The team is really aligned with the way we work. We’ve been able to take a core team that we started with years ago, and grow it from four people to 18 people.”

Darryl Kuhn - CTO, AristaMD

“The GAP team has been an essential part of Lima Bean’s success for several years now. Their technical skill, attitude and leadership have exceeded our expectations. They will continue to be an important part of Lima Bean for the foreseeable future!”

Mike Woodfin - Founder, Lima Bean Technologies & Services

Case Study

Drawing insights from geolocation data to optimize targeted ad campaigns.

Our client – a major marketing company – desired to create new location and behavior-based attributes for target consumers that could be leveraged in model and audience creation. The
attributes would be derived from data related to driving patterns and locations provided to the client by a major vehicle
manufacturer. This data set contained vast amounts of information but lacked the necessary context relating one action to another, making the data hard to parse and interpret for our client’s purposes.

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Private, Safe, Secure

We partner with you to follow security practices that work for everyone and protect your business by leveraging over 13 years of experience handling privacy and security concerns for clients ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. Data is one of your most valuable assets, and protecting it is our top priority.

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